• Thoughts on Kaepernick

    Thoughts on Kaepernick

    I have a complicated relationship with the United States. I grew up being told how great America is, but it didn’t resonate with me when I was young. Growing up as a transracial adoptee in white suburbs will do that. I got to see the ugliest microcosms of American social […]

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  • brian hyunsu

Thoughts on the O’Callaghan verdict

When I reflect on this case, I’m disgusted. Outraged.

The verdict in this case is white privilege on display. The lives of white perpetrators are often seen through a more sympathetic lens; as flawed human beings […]

  • neenja

Jennifer, stick to selling beds.

I’ve been sitting on this for a couple days, and I’ve gotta say something about it.

So Jennifer Murphy, privileged white woman, former beauty pageant winner, Apprentice contestant, and all-around D-list media personality decided to put […]

  • 13640967_1220562884629004_2442500843992814176_o

A reflection on BLM, Philando Castile, and Alton Sterling

It’s been a hectic, tragic week. I’ve had a hard time processing the deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, and the static that’s ensued afterward.

I’m not a black American, and I will never experience […]

  • Disgust

Regarding Holt International

These past couple weeks I’ve rallied hard against Holt and people associated with them such as Susan Cox and Maureen Flatley. I decided to do this because the adoptee writers and online communities I watch […]

  • 02365_norwegiansunrise_800x480

Let’s move forward

This past week, I very aggressively pushed the need for the conversation about adoption and the adoptee narrative to move forward. It upset a good number of people.

And I understand why. Adoption is exceptionally complex, […]

  • Carmen - Brazil

Navigating Grief: Meeting and Grieving My Birth Father

Guest post by Carmen Hinckley

The days, weeks, and months go by and, as of now, it’s been nearly a year since my birth father died. That day, my world and my adoption story changed forever. […]

  • uncut

Mic: The Full and Uncut Interview

As some of you may have seen, I was interviewed in Mic about my thoughts on transracial adoption. Much of the interview was left unpublished; perhaps some of my answers were too controversial. I was disappointed […]

  • nyc street

How Big is Your World?

For as much love as I have for the people I let into my life, I also dislike plenty of people I encounter too. I’ve always had a good intuition for who I’d like to […]

  • Photo from: http://theturninggate.net/2012/12/making-it-snow/

I Can’t Imagine Being Deported, and Others Should Not Experience It.

I was brought to the United States with the understanding that I would become part of a family, both through love and under the law. I’ve spent over 25 years here; brought only a few […]

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